Reporting system

Eurotux Informática S.A. it is governed by the highest ethical standards of honesty and integrity.

Notwithstanding all the prevention and control mechanisms in place and the transversal concerns with compliance in place and in permanent update, no organization is immune to the susceptibility to the occurrence of illegal activities that, if not promptly identified, can seriously harm not only the organization. and any private parties involved, such as the public interest itself.

This is the case, in particular, with behavior that may jeopardize the environment, public health, public safety, consumer rights, that jeopardize the protection of people's privacy and the security of networks, that represent an abusive use of public money, money laundering practices or violent and organized crime.

People who work in organizations or who have a professional relationship with them are often the first to detect the existence of illicit activities or, at least, to suspect such a possibility.

It is important that these people feel encouraged to report these types of situations, without fearing any kind of reprisal.

In pursuit of this objective and in compliance with the provisions of Law nº 93/2021, of December 20, the various companies that make up Eurotux Informática S.A. created channels for internal reporting of infringements, encouraging all those who are aware of irregularities in the context of the development of their professional relationship with any company in the Group, to report these situations that would otherwise not be detected.

Eurotux Informática S.A. undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of the identity of whistleblowers, to protect them against any act of retaliation, to investigate all complaints presented and, subsequently, to act diligently to put an end to any irregular situation that may be identified.